7 responses to “That was tiresome.”

  1. besskeloid

    That was tiresome.

    I see what you did there.

  2. sooz

    why is everyones car acting up? its a conspiracy.

  3. vanbeast

    I think you forgot the pun tag.

  4. kasheri

    The last time I got a blowout at highway speed, the main thing that I noticed was that the car sounded funny. And as I sat on the side of the freeway awaiting triple A, I too said a little thank you to the modern technology that allows for such things without troubling Mr. Reaper. Also, let’s hear it for cell phones and never even having to emerge from your car to get someone out to help you.

  5. mcpino

    * You are unharmed.

  6. eyeteeth

    These highway seeds do not work as advertised and I want my family’s cow back.

  7. loose_joints

    I like your description of the City of Commerce. I have passed many times through the City of Commerce. It is as you describe. Please submit it to the Lonely Planet so that they can add it as a destination.

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