12 responses to “And finally, to make myself feel good”

  1. douglain

    I started this quiz but got bored half way through. It felt like school.

  2. mendel

    “You are 83% knowledgable and 73% intellectual.”

    I really wish the test-writer had run the quiz through a spell-checker.

    This question was odd:

    Three of the following are temperature scales. The other is a __________. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelven, Dauchau.

    a. Buddapest hospital
    b. WWII general
    c. Chemical found in tobacco filters
    d. Breed of dog

    What? Confused.

    1. eyeteeth

      Well, I know that Dachau was a Third Reich concentration camp, named after the nearby town. It’s the one with the ARBEIT MACHT FREI gate. When I Google “dauchau” I get misspelled results for Dachau. Then I find a list of the experiments that were performed there. Then I stop Googling.

  3. trinnit

    Basically it said “YOU ARE DUMB”

  4. hweimei

    ignant, me

    71% knowledgable and 90% intellectual here.

  5. changeng

    it told me I’m a turnip.

  6. tuliphead

    independent studies have proven


  7. frobisher

    80% knowledgable, 95% intellectual.

    I bet I could have done better on the knowledge if they’d asked different questions…

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