Dear LazyMailWeb: Why does Yahoo hate freedom?

Is there any way of getting off Yahoo’s email greylist? In the last year all mail from my domain has been delivered at their leisure or maybe never with a 421 Deferred bounce that points to

When I try to make use of that page, it send me to a nonexistent url that rewrites to their consumer Yahoo! mail help page. Some searching about on the web reveals that they “deprioritize” people who aren’t either big well-known ISPs or dialup, and that there’s no way to get off this list that anyone can find; it’s Kafka’s castle.

I’ve never relayed spam. Can I assume that they just don’t know or care what the difference is between joe-job bounces and spamming? It looks from what I see like if you get on that list, it’s just over for you.

The situation is made even more “wonderful” because some friends of mine don’t have explicit Yahoo! email but rather have business email done through them, so that I can’t even tell which email addresses aren’t going to work properly.