Seminars, demonstrations, fiber arts, photocontest, and much much more, all in honor of everyone’s favorite camelid!


The new exhibitor’s seminar is led by Nard Mullan and you can’t beat that with a stick. Sample seminar:

Heads Up – The anatomy of alpaca handling (Cathy Spalding)
Explore the effect of anatomy on behavior. Using visual aids, Cathy offers a hands on opportunity experience the delicacy of the alpaca skull. Learn answers to important questions such as… Why is a properly fitted halter the difference between life and death? Is my alpaca thick headed or is the halter on wrong? If you were suffocating, would you stand still?

Now there’s a reason for a road trip to Puyallup, WA if i ever heard one! Which I haven’t. I thought it was the same town that had the National Lentil Festival with people dressed as lentils and lentil music, but that’s Pullman, WA which is another Pu town in WA.

So anyway it’s alpacas in Puyallup which is a great thing to say and even more so it’s Alpacapalooza in Puyallup which is so damn much fun to say that I am doing so over and over already.