Reposted from a friend’s journal with permission: O.C. Life

Scenes from the class struggle on Pacific Coast Highway, Lady Bountiful:

I was sitting in my car at a busy intersection in Huntington Beach, and a woman pulled up next to me in a giant Escalade. I looked over at her because she was flayling her arms about while she was on one of those “important” cell phone calls one has while in the car. She was blinged from here to eternity, her diamonds almost BLINDED me. Her hair was bleached, her skin was orange, and her sunglasses were Gucci. Fo shizzle.
So anyway, I am looking at this woman and she suddenly opens her car door. Like, at the light, she just opens her door.
I’m thinking, so she’s going to dump out some old water or something?
Change. I mean, she took the ashtray full of SILVER MONEY and dumped it on the ground and drove away.

I’m so glad our boys are over there protecting our Way of Life.