Weekend update

  1. Dept of Insult to Injury: Mortgage bro dudes sell your info on the side
  2. For your aching back, wise men suggest frankincense.
  3. Area white supremacist serves as PR rep at school for underprivileged minority kids
  4. Pigeon hits the mic on the iPhone (youtube video)
  5. The government biowar scientist who was linked to the anthrax mailings stood to gain money from the attacks and was an odd duck indeed.
  6. Locals: Chester Drawers is full of cockroaches and other gross things


  1. People who stand in line and take abuse to purchase an overpriced phone with a horrible shitty painful billing plan. THEY’RE FUNNY!
  2. Full Sail’s IPA isn’t so great. A salad made solely of artichoke hearts with olive oil and basil, however, is so great.
  3. Trying to figure out why I haven’t been able to read more than 3 paragraphs and I can’t get shit done, I noticed that I hadn’t taken my Adderall or even picked it up from the pharmacy for more than a week. I should pay more attention! HAW!
  4. http://www.peterkruger.com/lulzy/pages/birthofasupervillain_jpg.htm
  5. NASA sent me email with the subject line “What’s wrong with the Sun?” and I panicked a little. But it was just a tease. Apparently the Sun is still okay.
  6. I can’t believe Phil Gramm said the economic downturd was psychological and that we were a country of whiners. Did the Democrats pay him off with some hot toilet sex?
  7. I live in the only place with acceptable weather currently.
  8. I heard “I love a man in a uniform” on the muzak at Trader Joe’s yesterday while I was in line behind a woman who wore camo pants with “peace” on the ass.

Outing to the Natural History Museum Tomorrow

The science nerdery and party at the museum is tomorrow, starting at 5:30. I have two advance tickets left. Joshua and I are somehow going to meet and go together. I’m sure we could pick people up on the way if anyone is interested.

The only thing I am not sure of is when we’ll go. Arriving at 5:30 in Exposition Park requires Nightmare Traffic, so if he arrives earlier we might just go for it.

If anyone is interested in going and might go at a different time, you might want to try meeting me in person tonight and getting a ticket from me. Or leave a note here if you have another exciting idea.