In which salome and I discuss the ubiquity of hip roller derby

salome_st_john also if I NEVER see another roller derby photo again I will be so excited and I have friends in roller derby I AM SO SICK OF IT

substitute yup. we should franchise it to junior high schools and retire rich

salome_st_john oh christ best idea ever

substitute has the roller derby cute girls indie boys movie happened yet? it’ll be like the Singles or Breakfast Club for this generation of blurpsters. The Postal Service playing as our heroine goes for the gold. Pardon me while I have a small seizure, here


substitute GLOBBLE
The sounds of the 90s, the roller derby excitement of the millennium, and the girls you love: It’s Henry Rollins’ Saturday Night Derby show! With special guest host Ben Gibbard and musical appearances by AFI, Ozomatli, and Juliette and the Licks!

salome_st_john I just peed

substitute I’m going to hell, aren’t I.

salome_st_john luckily I’ll be driving