Support Ticket #43942 (P0) (Network)


Could someone in I.T. take a look at Diane’s PC. She’s out on vacation this week, but it’s been acting funny and no one on 8 West can print. Also, we stranded tens of thousands of people for a whole day and brought international travel to a halt and caused worldwide news. Whenever you stop by 8 West next could you check her pc? thanks

Guys if you could look at this right now it would be great.

(AP) LOS ANGELES The source of last weekend’s system breakdown at Los Angeles International Airport has been traced to a malfunctioning network interface card on a single desktop computer.

U.S. Customs officials say the card — — which allows computers to connect to a local area network — experienced a partial failure around 12:50 p.m. Saturday that had a domino effect with other computer network cards.

A total system failure occurred a little after 2 p.m., leaving more than 17,000 inbound international travelers stranded in the terminal or on airplanes because authorities were unable to screen them.

The malfunction prompted city and state leaders to request briefings and reports from customs and aviation officials.

The system was up and running again by 4 a.m. Sunday, but experienced a second 80 minute outage late Sunday into early Monday, which was blamed on a power supply failure.

Something something invasion of Normandy, oh this isn’t for me

Payroll company faxes 121 pages of confidential stuff to wrong person

Wrong number faxes are a huge risk. It’s obviously possible to typo an email address, but since so many of them are names or words the sender is doing a visual checksum as the email is written and sent. Punching in a string of numbers is different, and with so very many faxes out there the chance of getting a friendly “okay!” from the wrong number is pretty good.

When I was at the hospital we paid a lot of attention to this because we were frequently faxing medical records to physicians. We had a rule that we would fax nothing to any insurance company, only to the attending physician or a specialist for whom we had written permission from the attending to share records. People always wanted us to fax stuff RIGHT NOW! but it was very important that we refuse.

One day I got an incoming fax that made no sense. The clerk had just dumped it on my desk. It was from one of the big accounting firms, and was about 20 pages of detailed financial information. It had nothing to do with the hospital. On close inspection this was a detailed financial analysis for one of the parties in an impending merger of two large companies.

I called the guy and told him I had it, and that it was okay, I worked at a hospital and I was going to shred it. He nearly cried. “Good thing I didn’t call the recipient, eh?” I said jovially.

Faxes are dumb.

One-Click Horking

Hi there. I’m going to talk to you today about website programming. You aren’t interested, but maybe you should be, because your bank sucks at it.

Today I cancelled a credit account that had been paid off a long time ago and was no longer useful. Before I called them up, I looked at the website for my account to make sure that everything was clear and that no pending or recurring charges would show up.

The account statement looked like this:

Available Credit: [redacted]

Current balance: $0.00

Minimum payment Due: $20.00

Previous Balance: $0.00

Last Payment: $58.97, 3/5/2005

I immediately saw that I had a $20 payment due, but missed seeing that my balance was zero. Oh crap, how long has that been due? At least since March! Better pay that last $20 before I cancel. I clicked on the “Make a payment online” button.

that’s when it got funny