The part of “psychotic First Lady” is to be played by Piper Laurie

zombie lizard queen

Possible explanations for this photo include:

  1. David Icke is right. Both the English Royal Family and the U.S. leadership are actually evil space lizards, or “reptoids”. In this shot Laura Bush has just seen Icke across the room and is uncontrollably morphing into her true reptilian self.
  2. Prince Charles, on a desperate Bond-like mission to save the world from the Bush administration, has his Walther PPK in the small of the First Lady’s back as he tries to force the President to resign. This is a doomed effort because the President doesn’t give a shit about his wife or anyone else.
  3. It has now been proven that if you give Camilla Parker-Bowles an injection of curare directly into her spine she turns into Laura Bush.
  4. Condi Rice is across the room and she and the First Lady are having an “evil face” contest.
  5. Cocaine.
  6. As Mrs. Bush explains to Charles that they’ll be snacking on babies later with Karl Rove, he desperately tries to catch the eye of his assistant to get him the fuck out of there to somewhere he can drink this whole fucking visit out of his head.

Add yours as you please!