Yor starevay lice on the vispring vind

A mad dutchman has memorized “Stairway to Heaven” in reverse, then filmed himself karaokin’ it and reversed the film. The result is a mesmerizing video.

I audiohijacked the sound so you can have this artifact wherever you go in audio form: Backwards Stairway (8.7M .mp3). Please save to hard drive rather than streaming thx.

Thanks to the null device, and to eyeteeth for the transliterated headline.

Mahalia Jackson, he’s not.

Music for Maniacs is a fine mp3blog for aficionados of outsider music and other oddities. Today’s post revealed one of the main problems “New Religions” or “Cults” have; their gospel music blows chunks.

Submitted for your consideration, L. Ron Hubbard’s music from 1980 for Battlefield Earth. Both of those tracks were intended as “soundtracks” to the novel.

One can easily picture the great man bent over his synthesizer, getting the evil laughter, boop-beep sounds, and ominously cheesy organ sounds just right.