Dear the O.C. Weekly

From: me
Subj: Regarding the “Sex Issue”

Why is this issue different from all other issues?


To: me
From: [REDACTED], Editorial Assistant
Subj: Re: Regarding the “Sex Issue”

This is a themed issue. The theme is sex. Hope this helps you!


From: me
Subj: Re: Regarding the “Sex Issue

Guess you didn’t get the joke. Have a good one!

Film Noir, Newport Beach Style

The Orange County Weekly has the best comment on the Mike Carona Indictment Fest, in the form of a photo:

Carona probably would have got away with lots more graft, incompetence, and poorly chosen drinking buddies if he hadn’t tried to help out an old buddy with a small case of videotaped underage gang rape. People get fussy.

Their Sheriff Carona Corruption Archive and Haidl Rape Case Archive are worth a browse for fans of Chandleresque corruption.

I hope the new regime at the Weekly doesn’t muzzle or drive out Moxley. Without him there wouldn’t be investigative journalism of any use in this county.