You keep using that cheese. I do not think it’s cheese like you think it’s cheese.


  1. 100 Years of Innovation: Pasteurized Process Cheese Food.
  2. Attach ripe olive slice, cut in half, to driver’s head, using dab of CHEEZ WHIZ, to form “smile.” Cut remaining half of olive slice crosswise in half for the “eyebrows.” Attach remaining 2 pretzel sticks to both sides of little weiner for the “arms.”
  3. Q: Why is EASY CHEESE called Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product instead of Pasteurized Cheese Spread?
    A: Product differences or what is often referred to as standard of identity are determined by government regulations. Government regulations determine particular guidelines a product must meet in order to give a product its name. In July 2003 we changed the standard of identity , so the name of the product had to be changed from Pasteurized Cheese Spread to Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product. Although the name has changed, the product still has the same great taste you’ve come to enjoy.

    Q: Why was the Real Seal removed from the packaging of EASY CHEESE?
    A: You probably already know that the dairy industry uses the Real Seal to differentiate between genuine dairy products and imitations. While we support this effort, we can’t justify the cost of adopting the Real Seal program across all our product lines.

  4. Our Cheezy Military
  5. Triscuit® Cottage:
    PLACE 4 RITZ crackers in square on flat surface. Using 4 TRISCUIT Crackers for walls, assemble walls on cracker base, sealing seams with cheese snack.
    CUT 1 TRISCUIT Cracker diagonally in half to form 2 triangles. Use 2 TRISCUIT triangles for roof support and 2 remaining TRISCUIT Crackers for roof, sealing seams with cheese snack.
    OUTLINE windows and door with cheese snack. Decorate with candies and chocolate chips as desired.

  6. So, what the hell is this crap, anyway? (American Chemical Society)
  7. Easy Cheese: How Much Is Inside? (
  8. The future: bubblegum cheese, an explosion in the tube-snack industry,