This is intriguing, just received via myspace. I could certainly use more glitter words in my life, but what really got me excited was the “whore me generator.” It sounds like something Captain Haddock would yell, or maybe some software that would show me what I’d look like as a whore, or even better a way to get people to pay to have sex with a diesel generator, which would be all sparky and enginey and fetishey and incredibly lucrative. And I really, really admire the idea of charging someone to steal someone else’s code and paste it to them. That’s the kind of business thinking that will turbocharge an e-strategy into cyber-success.

I think it’s time for bed.

Just want to let you know we are here to support your myspace profile. Here is a list of things we can do for your myspace account;

Profile Generator.
Like Someelse’s layout? Snatch their code and use it for yourself.
1000’s of pre made myspace layouts you can use.
1000’s of graphics to use on your profile or to post comments.
Glitter Word Generators.
Scrolling Bar Generators.
Comment Box Editor.
Friend Box Editor.
Contact Images.
Online Now Icons.
Profile Counters.
Free Image Hosting.
Flash Music Player (Create your own MP3 music player with your own songs to put on your profile)
Auto Comment Generator.
Whore Me Generator.
Put a Custom Image on the “xxx is in your Extended Network” Section.
Music Codes, Video Codes

Everything you would ever want. Check it out! there is def something you could use here.