Jelly Roll was a gentlemen

From the CD set I’m listening to, Jelly Roll talks about a colleague from back in the day. Keep in mind this is an older gentleman talking in 1938.

Tony happened to be one of these gentlemens that a lot of people called a lady or a sissy or something like that, but he was very good and very much admired.

Q: Was he a fairy?

I guess he was either a ferry or a steamboat, one or the other. What you pay a nickel for, I guess. Tony was a great favorite in Chicago, also. He was no doubt the outstanding favorite in the city of Chicago.


I won a contest over Tony Jackson that threw me in first line. I never believed that the contest was given to the right party even though I was the winner. I always though Tony Jackson should have had the emblem as the winner.

Interesting discussion of drugs after this bit, too.

Tony Jackson Was The Favorite/Dope, Crown, And Opium (MP3, 3.1M)