Today’s dose of psychoceramica

B ‘ ‘ H _

Ko mafia ! Global Democracy TRIVOLUZIONE
Cold Fusion W post opec !

Grazie per invio delle cene anche TUE a ARTSENU !
Arriveranno a mandarle tutte / i TERRESTRI grazie
all ‘ esempio di combattenti come TE !

Si possono inviare 12 cene annue a :
Conto Corrente Postale 60397007
via di Torre Argentina 76
I 00186 ROMA di Sopra .
Precisando nella ” causale ”
sul modulo CC o nella lettera :

” queste mie CENE pro ARTSENU IO AFFIDO a
ERA ORA – PRTT – Maria Antonietta FARINA Coscioni
per gestione secondo il manifesto di

E parlarne a parenti amici commilitoni .
Di persona , per posta
elettronica e non … : spammare nzomma !!!

and it goes on

More great stuff from the new age magazine

  1. The Enlightenment Card is here! It’s a Visa credit card that gives you points as you buy towards… enlightening things. I want to tell the Dalai Lama about it so I can get one of those long cheerful Tibetan laughs out of him.
  2. Holistic dentistry as a general concept is probably a great idea, because dentists so often are the ones who see medical problems first. However, I’d avoid the madman with the extensive psychoceramic chart (270k jpg) showing how your teeth control your lungs, liver, and everything else.
  3. Do you need an exorcist? Why no, I don’t. I especially don’t need one who uses Comic Sans. Considering their client base, though, they’re wise to demand the $300 up front. Customer service must be a bitch there.
  4. There is an ad for a psychic clairvoyant medium named Zack Havoc. I don’t want anyone who identifies with “Havoc” messing with the spirit world. That’s a name for a late 1990s extreme sports/fake punk DJ guy, not a medium. His Corporate Reading services include “Product Placement.” Does that mean he will put your product in his readings? Also “Employee Moral” and “Theft of Services.” His political services include “demographic populace” and “legislative zeitgeist.” Okay I’m done now.
  5. Energy Healing for Pets. Yes, the url is There is a kind of Pet Tarot for sale there, too. Are we really this rich? I guess we are.

The rest of the ads are mostly for unlicensed psychotherapy via loopholes like “life coaching” and “psychic counseling. There are also ads for fraudulent medicine of various kinds, including a claim for total herbal cure of diabetes; that’s lethal. There are also quite a few pyramid schemes, including ones that produce more of the fake psychotherapists by using counseling to recruit more counselors. The smell of brimstone is evident.

I found one really cool thing in the entire magazine. There is an Organic macrobiotic Japanese food lunch truck roaming Los Angeles. Okay, that’s just awesome, having a lunch truck pull up outside your job and getting edamame, soba noodle salad, some gyoza, and a hot cup of genmai-cha. Salut! Or whatever you say in Japanese.

Spam just arrived

Subject: The Moon And The Planets, Virtually
Date: January 28, 2006 10:56:40 AM PST

The Galactic Government in exclusive partnership Ethereal Network Solutions. and utilizing their registration and registry systems ( and the Lunar Embassy (, have entered into a historic agreement.