How the Tubes Work

The Exploding Aardvark pointed me to this handy guide for the perplexed about the Web Publishing Process on the Internet:


With a little help from the Industrial Art Gallery, I was able to “explode” a portion of this diagram for further detail. Below you can see some of the working parts of that mysterious “internet” lozenge above. This is for power users and hardcore geeks only; others shouldn’t worry. You’re welcome!


snarks on a plane

Five years of a blog that runs about 70% snark and grump, maybe more. I complain too much on the Internet, and it’s bad for my writing. Occasionally I catch myself and write a happy piece about kittens or Chinese dumplings or a really stellar masturbation session. But a gloomy Andy Rooney/James Lileks atmosphere threatens. It’s a flaw, and I’m surprised that’s not pointed out more.

Most of the time, though, my small and friendly readership either agrees, suggests a different yet sympathetic angle, or clears the buffer and moves on. I don’t get a lot of “oh hell no” or “you bastard, you pissed on my dream” reactions.

And then there was that time I dissed the Snakes on a Plane astroturf ad campaign, and found out there are still people who care enough to stand up for Jesus calculated viral marketing!