As promised, Stahl delivers the coup de grace on Frey

FREE JAMES FREY! In defense of the post-truth memoir

Why bother with accuracy when the feelings are real? Was it three hours in an empty office, or three months behind bars? Doesn’t matter! What the writer felt when the stuff that really happened was going on is exactly the same as what his character feels when stuff that didn’t really happen goes on in the book. And that’s what the reader feels. Keep up with me here…

If anyone had listened: the Exile on Frey from last year

The Exile had James Frey pegged on Day One and even more so on Day Two, even before he was unmasked as a proven fake.

just another dry drunk asshole. They’re popular these days. Representative quotes:

Rehab stories provide a way for pampered trust-fund brats like Frey to claim victim status. These swine already have money, security and position and now want to corner the market in suffering and scars, the consolation prizes of the truly lost.

Frey got those anecdotes the no-risk way: he stole them from a real druggie/criminal author. A much better and more honest one, a guy named Eddie Little-specifically, Frey looted Little’s great debut novel, Another Day in Paradise.

The accusation of theft from Eddie Little is interesting; I’ll have to find that book.

Thanks to salome_st_john for pointing this one out.

Making a Federal Queso It

Via robotwisdom, mainly for anarqueso, gordonzola, and the rest of the cheese crew. Your nemesis has been uncovered; the EVIL cheese makers. Also I was obligated to make a dumb joke in the headline so shut up about it already.

Feds charge pair in cheese-making scam

Associated Press

NEWARK, N.J. – They touted their cheese as better than the rest, and their company was hailed as one of the best small businesses in America.

But a federal court indictment claims the success story of now-defunct cheese maker Suprema Specialties was full of holes. The company’s former chief executive and chief financial officer are accused of participating in a massive scheme with customers and suppliers to claim more than $600 million in non-existent sales.

and they lied about the cheese, too