Pure unvarnished linkery without shame

You can hear an underwater recording of the big Indonesian earthquake; amazing.

The Japanese, kings of weird news, have got their banks doing things people probably should not be tempted into doing.

The Plantronics telephone headset people are giving away a trip to space. Really.

There’s a whole ecosystem we didn’t know about under the recently collapsed Antarctic ice shelf.

The current economic situation is best explained with a cartoon.

Watertown, WI has a tire fire going so big that you can see it from space.

How to deal with bad clients: 10 tips.


There was also a 2.0 basically under my house a few minutes before, and I thought it was a plane or a heavy truck:

Map of it, quake link.

VIctoria & Pomona was shaking, that must have annoyed the whores and the coke dealers.

Edit: Now that quake has disappeared from the site. Maybe it really was just a big truck or something. WTF? Probably the government was testing their new pain and fear broadcaster over in West Costa Mesa and it blew up and they’re concealing it all.