Government as TV Movie: Gonzo tries to strongarm Ashcroft

It’s not just that they insisted on violating the law and the Constitution. It’s not just that they tried to pressure the Attorney General to approve it when he had already refused. And it’s not just that they did it while he was ill and not acting as Attorney General.

They did it at night in his hospital room, causing the acting Attorney General and the director of the F.B.I. to go lights-and-siren through the nation’s capital and run upstairs to the hospital room and stop them.

And then tried to refuse a witness to the discussion afterwards.

And then, after Ashcroft had walked over the whole deal, they got what they wanted anyway because Gonzo got the job.

How close are we to a coup, anyway? Who’s got five bucks on it?


FISA in one-syllable words


Q: Hmmm. It is cinch to heed the law then, and still keep us safe. YAAYYY!

A: But the Bush Administration did not heed the law. With no warrants, it spied on some phone lines. It spied on a LOT of phone lines.

Q: Why? Did they say why they broke the law?

A: They gave two “why”s. First, the Man who ran the NSA wire taps said that to go to the FISA court, and do what the law and Constitution say —

Q: The Constitution is good!

A: … yes. The Man who ran the NSA wire taps said that to go to the FISA court would take too much time, and they would have to fill out a lot of forms!

Q: Ummm … huh.

A: Yep.

Q: That does not seem like a good “why.”

A: Nope.

Q: You would think they would have guys whose job it is to fill out forms.

A: You would.