Two bizarre events which require explanation

  1. A few weeks ago, I reported a software bug to Bank of America. Their alert system was properly notifying me when my credit card was used overseas, but the amounts in the alert email were multiplied by 100. This caused a seizure the first time, but after I got it, I called them. A nice smart person said she’d forward it to Engineering. Last week the bug was fixed.
  2. Today, my T-Mobile Sidekick decided it was a brick instead of a phone, and refused either to see my SIM card or to see the network. I called up T-Mobile. “Joe” answered on the second ring and told me I needed Sidekick Tech Support. I punched in my phone number and hung up. Five minutes later they called, and the nice smart tech walked me through resetting my radio firmware. In a total of 15 minutes the phone was totally fixed.

All Rise for President Rufus T. Pissfreak

via waxy:

The Director of Filtering for Secure Computing, the company that distributes the broken censorware product “SmartFilter”, wants to protect the children from filth such as Boing Boing, Michelangelo’s David ,and the news. Not only does he want to protect the children, he also wants to dress up in diapers and have big old Adult Baby fetish parties with other people in diapers.

As a well-known sex educator points out in the article above, this sort of play is just fine as long as you don’t blur the lines between fantasy and reality in your dealings with actual children. Wait…