The con and fimmtiu’s visit

Comic Con was a blast. There were lots of nerds there, including us. I only bought one thing (a bob the angry flower book). fimmtiu and redmaenad and zebulon_y and I went from one end of the nerdiverse to the other many times and saw uncounted mouth-breathers, inappropriate fedoras, Pink Floyd t-shirts, and people dressed as video game characters.

A street hustler had got hold of a pass and was trying a variation on the Gas Station Pitch: “I gotta buy this collectable ITEM upstairs and I am SEVEN DOLLARS SHORT could you spare me a BUCK or TWO?”

One of the seller booths thought it would be smart to offer recent Star Wars material on bootleg DVD for sale. They were last seen with their stuff all tarped over and guys with bad cop hair talking to them.

I got to meet both of Zeb’s brothers and some friends of theirs, and also the famous Nancy[i] and her fiancĂ©, and Zeb’s friend Leora. All of whom were cool people.

It was great seeing fimmtiu again; it had been five years! I stuffed him with Mexican food at Taco Mesa the night he arrived and then we got to horse around all day at the con. Put him on a plane to Salt Lake (ow!) this morning.

I have a cold; pity me. Fortunately I didn’t descend into strep or flu yesterday, probably because I drank from the firehose all day. I also now have the pager for my job for a week, which means no life. But heck, I had a great day off.

When I’m not so exhausted by tiny, tiny creatures eating my throat I’ll write more about the con and the things it made us think about.