I am a consumer whore…

…and how! I have Space Invaders Shoes now. They are invading your space. Please note the sole, which imprints an invader and “One Point” as I walk.

I found these after my original quest for the limited edition Space Invaders Vans shoes ended in failure; they were apparently a Japan only very limited thing.

Space Invader Shoes: Sole

Space Invader Shoes.

It’s CHAZ! (consumer whore)

Robot Keychain Watch #2

I was looking for a cheap pocket watch because my old one died, and bemoaning that there weren’t any decent ones that didn’t have Ye Olde Railroade engraving or some kind of paramilitary slogan. I went to Fossil’s site and was poking around because they’ve done some okay ones in the past, and rumplestimpskin was looking too and found this awesome robot keychain watch!

Closeup below behind the cut