dogmatic statement

A restaurant, the name of which is formed by making a possessive out of a noun not traditionally used as a given name, but which is descriptive or evocative of the restaurant’s food or entertainment or the ethnic group which produces said food, will be a bad restaurant. Examples: Chili’s, TGI Friday’s, Taquito’s. Corollary: A restaurant named similarly but with a plural instead of a possessive will be more expensive and marginally better, but rarely worth it. Examples: Plums, Scallions, Tapas. Second corollary: Any business named in the former naming category is sure to be an unpleasant franchise and should be avoided. Example: Tire’s Warehouse.

Come back! those are prescription pants!

I am a man of mystery, a man of secrets. I was born on the misty shores of North haverbrock. I learned the art of off shore fishing. I learned it well. Like the cat, I am a man of voloptutious delights. I enjoy a good book under a fire light or dancing in the full moon in my magical thong letting the powers of nature work their magic through me for I am merely a conduit. Is my story true? No, but it creates an interesting image. I do enjoy a good read though. Fantasy is, as you might imagine from my fanciful name, my balliwick. I like music of all kinds but in particular I do enjoy the mystical heavy metal musings of Dio and the magical offerings of Blind Guardian and their power metal ilk. Other than that there is not much more to say. profile for Bilbo Baggins