The day room takes it to the next level

BBQ outside Starbucks

When you show up at a Starbucks in Orange County, and Mike of the gray ponytail and the long drug history, who lives in his van, is there with his free ‘n’ easy girlfriend of a certain age that he met at the San Diego Thunderdome Sex In The Bushes Swap Meet, and everyone is high on good weed, and Mike is grilling, and someone has brought lemon meringue pie, and the stoner gamer kid is playing the GTA:Vice City music really loud on the usb mic from his laptop, and Bob is there in his union suit arriving via tandem bike, and the people driving by are smelling the grill and seeing the freaks and nearly crashing with surprise, and no cops show up and the people at the mall couldn’t care less, and then there’s apple pie too…

Then it’s another night on the corner.

Orange County Catastrophe Day

  1. Pedestrian struck, killed on I-405 in Westminster
    Northbound lanes shut down more than 4 hours while crews cleaned up.
    The Orange County Register

    WESTMINSTER – A man dressed in black was killed early this morning after being run over by a car and a big-rig as he walked across the San Diego (I-405) Freeway. The man, who has not been identified, was in the fast lane of the northbound I-405 near Beach Boulevard when he was hit by a Honda Civic and then a big-rig at about 1:17 a.m., CHP dispatcher Dave Clark said.

    The freeway was shut down at 1:27 and remained largely closed down for more than four hours as biohazard crews cleaned up lanes, Clark said.

    The drivers of the Honda and the big-rig pulled to the side of the freeway and called police, Clark said. No one has been cited in the crash. The investigation is ongoing.

    The pedestrian is described as a black man wearing a black hooded sweat shirt, dark jeans, black tennis shoes and a black baseball cap.

  2. Santa Ana man arrested in Upland deaths

    UPLAND – A 75-foot power pole being moved into place smashed through a car, killing the driver and a construction worker and critically injuring a woman passenger, police said.

    The crane operator, Joseph Dimaano, 31, of Santa Ana was arrested for investigation of involuntary manslaughter after the accident because the pole was moved onto the street without warning, police said.

    The pole was being installed at a corner shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday and was dangling from a crane when it was moved out into traffic, where it went through the windshield of a car, police said.

    The driver, an 81-year-old Montclair man, was killed on impact. His identity was withheld pending notification of relatives, the San Bernardino County coroner’s office said Thursday.

    The passenger, an 80-year-old Montclair woman, was taken to a hospital in critical condition. There was no word on her condition Thursday.

    After the pole’s bottom end hit the car, the top end struck a worker on the ground who was guiding the pole. David Jenkins, 29, of Lake Elsinore died about an hour later at a hospital, Sgt. Greg Doyle said.

You have chosen “Slow and Painful”. Great choice!


Fig. 1: A 1977 Mercury Retrograde

I despise astrology, but I’m starting to wonder if they’re right about that whole “Mercury in retrograde” thing. I mean, I’m actually doing okay, better than I have in quite a while. Meanwhile, three-fourths of the people I know are having huge problems: substance abuse relapses, serious legal problems, bad government surprises, social disasters, Bad Love, medical “fun”, surprise pop-up angst toys, Personal Itch, and insurance companies.

When your Mercury goes retrograde, my advice is junk it and buy a Honda before you put any more money in it. That’s what I say.