Eating another human is a behavioral disturb

And this just in via random email:

Subject: drinkme
Date: March 14, 2006 4:03:24 AM PST
To:,,,,,,, and 92 moreā€¦

A conduct can be pathological or non pathological (phisiological), no
external or middle case is expected. 90% of the people who killed a parent
is declared mentally healthful, this means: non pathological conduct,
phisiological conduct (genetic or non genetic), good doctor, not vector of
behavioral or anatomical suffering.

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touched by an anvil

My day: some work, therapy, hanging around at D’s, Trader Joe’s, home.

Currently I’m making some oven-fried chicken and baby dutch potatoes with spinach & curry spices. Sort of an almost Saag Paneer thing.

At TJ’s the hottest woman ever to live on the surface of the planet was buying valentiney things for someone who is, at least tonight, way luckier than me. It was hard not to follow her through the aisles in a dog-like manner.

C’mon rain, actually rain tonight! Dear God the curry smell is making me something something.