Feeling good today!

Really good, in fact, for the first time in a while. Rollin’ with that, if you please. Partly an accident of daily chemistry and partly Spring, but also I’m nearly off the #$(@)$ Vicodin, not more than a half pill a day.

This means that my digestive system is working again and I’m no longer laboring with the extra weight of a depressant. People who have abused the stuff tell me it’s no fun unless you take ten or more with a big glass of vodka. I’m going to trust them on that one because I want to reach age 50, and preferably without dialysis or unwanted prison tattoos.

I have been listening to a lot of Bowie, and Queen, and a lot of other very pinky music. I wonder if I’m slowly turning into a fey, bisexual 1970s Englishman? That would be more interesting in Orange County than being a left-wing nerd. To celebrate this, here’s a video of Bowie, Klaus Nomi, and Joey Arias doing “Boys Keep Swinging” on Saturday Night Live, on my 15th birthday: December 15, 1979 (thanks to torgo_x for the find!):

embedded video