The Year in Review: Lists

Dear The Bloggers:

I understand the desire to emulate print media. It can be fun to write in the style of a columnist, assume the authority of an Op-Ed writer, and issue judgments about taste or politics in the voice of a successful journalist.

I also understand that you see journalistic types producing year-end lists, and that seems worthy of emulation too. Your model music reviewer or humor columnist or political analyst cranks out a Top 10 or 100 for the year, or the Cheers ‘n’ Jeers of the Yeer, or something like that. You want to be part of it, and as a self-identified journalist you feel it’s an obligation to carry through what you’d call a “meme”.


There is a reason for the “End of year list” phenomenon in journalism. The ink-stained wretches who are living out your dream want to spend a week with their families around now, and all but a skeleton crew of hard core news types do. The feature writers and columnists and reviewers all turn in their stupid lists around Dec. 20 and go off to open presents, drink, and reconsider their career choices. The lists suck, and they know it. It’s the lowest form of journalism. The only reason they exist is to give these poor bastards a breather for one week a year. Then it’s back to turning in the column and banging out the news for another 51 weeks.

So this year, feel lucky that you’re unpaid, and stop aping the survival behavior of exhausted journos. Your lists aren’t any better, and you have far less reason to dump them on us.


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Aaron Flores is co-founder of Armor of Light Productions -a ministry geared towards embracing culture and emerging generations. He is creator of the blog turn videoblog, where he intimately shares his personal life, faith, culture, art, and other areas of interest using video, new media, and the internet. For Aaron, is an experiment with new media, social networking, and cultural engagement. Aaron takes his nickname, The First Christian Vlogger lightly since is simply he’s way of sharing life with others.


Since I began blogging in 2003, I have experienced this on so many levels. As a Christian blogger who also writes about politics, I’m accused of being offensive, harsh, and unloving. What many unbelievers don’t realize is that Jesus was offensive and harsh, and his actions would seem unloving to some. For example, he said that unless you repent, you will perish. That is, you will be destroyed. Does that sound loving?


Stacy L. Harp is the President and Founder of Mind &; Media an online publicity company that utilizes the blogosphere’s potential to market Christian books, music and products. Stacy also writes daily at the recently launched Persecution Blog . She also maintains a more personal blog called Writing Right where she discusses the issues of the day while adding humor and inspiration.


The future lies ahead.

substitute: I hereby coin the term “blamming”.
maciej: I hereby coin the term “moblamming”
substitute: podblamming your blogroll now
maciej: along with “blammcasting”, “warblamming”, “geoblamming”, “blammspamm” and “mesoblammer”
substitute: fuckin’ blueblammers poddexed my mobcache
scromp: don’t forget pol^H^H^H nanoblaming
scromp: totally sideblamming
maciej: my picocommunity can beat up your femtomob
substitute: videoblogging leads inevitably to blogomercials
substitute: help i am going to hell

80s flashback earworm blog party

One of the weblog directories that Ping-O-Matic pings for me is We Blog A Lot, or Whenever I see it I get the Faith No More song stuck in my head with some variant like

We blog a lot about technology and politics and food
We blog a lot about our Asperger’s and science fiction shows
We blog a lot about the war and who we just met at the mall
We blog a lot about you people ’cause we’re out to save the world!

So I thought I’d do that to you too. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to blog it.