It’s time to ring some changes

Custom Friends Groups I Inhabit (known): Well at least the ones that stood out as interesting. People who list me but don’t show up as reading me at all either have me in a “never again goddamnit” group or block referers or web bugs, which is fine. I prefer mystery to rejection. 🙂

motivation neutral
white guys (god bless gordonzola for cracking me up each time with this)
The Rest
read two
the kids

It was good to see zebulon_y, and twice! Plus, I ate Mexican pork tonight. Mmmm. Playing phone tag with others, hope this pays off.

I am still sleeping outside at least half the night. What the fuck is this, Mississippi?

The engine of communication with others isn’t working well. There are some obvious current reasons for problems, but in general it needs overhauling. I have parts all over the garage floor and I’m looking at the schematic thinking: what needs changing? This thing doesn’t work for shit.

You know how you get little medical problems that pile up? The ones that aren’t going to kill you, and you can live with them basically, but they’re annoying. An itchy spot, a recurring cough, an oof or a twinge or an oolph my stomach. All of those hit me at once this week. It’s what my Dad called “being pecked to death by ducks.” I blame the heat, double extra neurofeedback, going off two antidepressants at once starting with a 50% reduction, and the Demiurge.

Tomorrow’s plan: as little as possible, unless it’s reading or meeting up with nice people who like me.