How to enable Java 7 in the browser on Mavericks

Content warning: just tech.

If you’re running the Oracle JDK 7 on your OS X Mavericks machine you may have noticed that the control panel doesn’t do anything. In particular, you can’t switch back and forth between enabled and disabled Java. Silent failure occurs.

It is officially a bad idea to run Java in your browser, which is why it’s disabled by default. However, sometimes it’s necessary to use the damned thing for some job-related or government nonsense. Here’s how. Disclaimer: I am just another user. This may destroy your life. It works for me.

Open a command line. and execute the following:

cd '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/'
sudo mv Info.plist Infoplist.bak
sudo ln -s Enabled.plist Info.plist

Close your terminal. You should now be able to use the browser plugin with Firefox and Safari. It can’t work in Chrome for other reasons.

THEN of course remember to turn it back off:

cd '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/'
sudo rm Info.plist
sudo mv Infoplist.bak Info.plist

I hope this works for you. It did for me.

The Crew that Never Rests: Crowdsourced Absurdity

In a word, their pleasures were showy, but totally unsubstantial—their activity unceasing, but fruitless and unavailing—and their condemnation appears to have consisted in the necessity of maintaining the appearance of constant industry or enjoyment, though their toil was fruitless and their pleasures shadowy and unsubstantial. Hence poets have designed them as “the crew that never rest.” Besides the unceasing and useless bustle in which these spirits seemed to live, they had propensities unfavourable and distressing to mortals.

— Sir Walter Scott, Letters on Demonology


games without frontiers

Twitch Plays Pokemon via The Wisdom of Crowds (Metafilter). I think that Sisyphus is happy, and his name is Legion.

The Panther (a sentimental poetic repost)

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by my father, Donald Heiney/MacDonald Harris  In 1967, Dad’s  colleague Hazard Adams was working on an anthology of literature in translation. He was after a translation from the German of Rilke’s “Der Panther” but couldn’t find a decent English version. My dad said “Let me take a look”, and took the poem home for the weekend. The next Monday he produced this, which is the one Adams used.


Jardin des Plantes, Paris

The bars go by, and watching them his sight
grows tired and fails to grasp what eyes are for.
There are a thousand bars, it seems to him;
behind the thousand bars there’s nothing more.

The supple gait of swift and powerful steps
pacing out its circle on the ground
is like a dance of strength around a center
in which a great bewildered mind is bound.
Yet now and then the curtain of the pupil
silently parts: a picture goes inside,
slips through the tightened limbs, and in the heart
ceases to be, like something that has died.


Andy KaufmanIn 2006, we discovered and reported the truth about Andy Kaufman‘s survival in a groundbreaking investigational piece: We Are All Andy Now.

Reviewing in 2011, we investigated further and found disturbing evidence that the Andys were multiplying incestually. This was published as There Are Certain Things That Enter The Minds Of People Even Without One. Although mainstream media ignored the story, those in the know confirmed the truth, some in public.

For a while, things were quiet. We began to wonder if the phenomenon had slowed down. Perhaps something in the genetic material was faulty? Or did they just get tired?


We have found another Andy. This one has an australian accent, very large glasses, and a suboptimal solution to male pattern baldness. The definitive evidence is in his style. Nobody else can combine deliberately bad critical thinking, delusions of grandeur, and almost-plausible manipulation like a full-blooded certifiable Andy.

Clearly the Andys are still spawning. We can’t wait for the next election.