Aaiiiieeee Bears!

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Aaiiiieeee Bears!, originally uploaded by conradh.

Ideally this van would disgorge actual bears on demand. However, it’s some kind of pre-failed service that brings mobile teddy bear parties to your location.

No, I don’t know either.

Friday in the American office

Smiles, casual clothing, greetings of “Happy Friday!”, discussions of forthcoming weekend activities, elevator conversations about how this sure is nice that it’s Friday…

Depression, pathos, and futility ooze from all of it. One day in the working five is half-dedicated to the idea that the next two aren’t spent in a fluorescent call center or an airless cubicle.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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administrivia: phone

My phone is pretty much dead. Calls will be forwarded to my workphone, and if you want to SMS me you can do so via google voice at (949) 891-2528. Or call me there. It’s Google Voice, so I’ll get it wherever I am.

New phone arrives on Monday; I shall be an iPhone Jerk.

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