Hey everybody! MEASLES PARTY!!!

Looks like that “no vaccination” strategy is working out great for you.

1st Measles Case In 6 Years Reported In LA County

LOS ANGELES (AP) ― The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is confirming a young child in the area has the measles. The case is the first since 2002.

Officials said Monday they did not know the source of the disease, but added that the child had not been vaccinated. Measles is a respiratory disease caused by a virus, with symptoms of rash, high fever, cough, runny nose and red watery eyes. In about one in five cases they can lead to complications including diarrhea, ear infections, pneumonia and sometimes death.

Earlier this year nearly a dozen children contracted measles during an outbreak in San Diego County. Health officials say such outbreaks can be prevented if children are vaccinated.


The last time the landlords wrote a proposition for us here in California it permanently broke local services and education in this state and left homeowners paying for it. We’ve got a bigger problem now: Prop. 98.

This one is important if you rent, or care about people who do. gordonzola has a good summation at his LJ today, but the jist of it is:

Prop. 98 kills all rent control, removes many of California’s protections for tenants, repeals environmental rules, and trashes public water projects.

For a more detailed summary with arguments for and against the proposition, Smart Voter has a Proposition 98 page and links to the actual law.

Reposted from psychoceramics

Once there was a wonderful mailing list created by acb called Psychoceramics. Times changed and the mailing list became an LJ community. You should go look at it; it’s got some great stuff in it.

If you enjoy kooks and eccentrics, and you get the concept and find it fun, you should participate!

However, ecause has had so little traffic, I’m reviving the mailing list per previous discussion. If you’d like to join the list, you can:

Go to http://lists.badideajeans.org/listinfo.cgi/psychoceramics-badideajeans.org on the web and follow instructions

Or, you can email email:psychoceramics-request@lists.badideajeans.org with the single word “subscribe” in the body of your email.

For people who do not want more mail, ever again, I will find a way to make this RSSable or somehow syndicated to this community.

Let me know if you have questions, comments, or detailed explanations for the connections between the Unified Field Theory and your neighbor’s very loud dogs.

Nothing but arrant linkery, sirrah

San Francisco is being smart about illegal immigration. Orange Countians and Riversidians are losing their shit over it. And The Liberal OC has a hilarious roundup of the latest quotes. I particularly like the nickname “Lady Jefferson Davis Fingers.”

Computer geniuses: could they have finally solved the sound feedback problem?

Last Plane to Jakarta says what I think too about pointless field recordings in songs. It’s plop art. Points for “bleak yolk” there too.

What the fuck? Commie girl is the editor at the LA Citybeat now? And Steve Lowery quit after a week? I like the Citybeat. My old friends from the Reader work there. I don’t want it to turn into a “magazine sensibility” starfucker rag! Argh.

Haw haw haw haw the Mortgage Bankers Association are having some problems paying their mortgage.

DANGER: According to the New York Times, blogging can result in DEATH due to OVERWORK. What the…

Listen to the sound of the rain…

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I guess Chip & Tony are in a straight country band now, but I miss that radical left wing punk-ass country-ass country punk sound. Especially Tony’s low boom.

food: Isa’s sauce

I am making spaghetti sauce. The recipe is a family one from before my birth, when my parents and big brother were living in Bologna. My brother’s nanny, Isa, was a pretty serious cook.

It’s a bolognese sauce of course, but I am making it with fake meat, so it’s a nolognese, or perhaps spaghetti and neatballs.

The ingredients aren’t any surprise: tomato, onion, spices, olive oil. The part I don’t see so often is carrot, which is shredded or pureed and added for sweetness. This means that I don’t have to add salt or something sweet to cut the acidity.

If I’m doing it for vegans or nondairy folks I omit Isa’s last step: a tiny amount of milk at the end.