Going from a half dose of two antidepressants to no dose of any antidepressant is a ride. And by “ride” I mean “rusty Tilt-A-Swing-A-Clank-A-Whirl operated by carnies at the County Fair.”

I woke up at 3:30 pm today feeling hung over. The day went slowly for three hours while caffeine and my last remaining head pill (Adderall) took effect and I got some minor stuff done and dorked. I showered, felt better, and needed to go for groceries; my brother was arriving for a visit for a few days and a full larder was a necessity.

Then I went to Trader Joes to get food. As I was checking out my stuff I got the sweats, blurry vision, stomach upset, headache, and total exhaustion. It was like a sugar low plus jet lag plus the flu, all at once.

I made it home, stuffed the freezer and fridge things in their place, and told my brother and mom that there was easy food there for them to eat. I then drank a liter of Orangina and ate some yogurt and collapsed.

There’s a Dead Man’s Party in my hippocampus and you’re all invited!

10 thoughts on “B Ø N K

  1. Been there and done that. It totally sucks. *hugs*
    I’m switching meds around these days, too. It hasn’t been fun. I’m trying to manage Wellbutrin with a history of epilepsy (which you may have read about already) supplemented with some Depakote. I may see if going from 20 to 10 mg. of Lexapro will help as well.
    Here’s to the pleasures of med crap. *toasts*

    1. Wow. Wellbutrin + seizure disorder = danger, Jill Robinson.
      Lexapro is the least painful psych drug I’ve ever used, though. Best results, least effects. I think that’s a common result. Hope you do well.

      1. Yeah. People do successfully manage Wellbutrin with seizure disorders. I’ve heard of that. But it’s very tricky. You have to have a smart doctor.

  2. Yeah. I’m ‘every other day’ now, so this is a good day – I got to take the pill last night. Yesterday I was dizzy and I almost got motion sick when we were in the car wash and the big machine started to move backward around the car and it felt like we were moving forward except my inner ear didn’t register any movement. That sensory contradiction always gives me a turn, but in the midst of zoloft widrawl it almost made me hurl.

  3. Cone of terror + 3 chili dogs with everything even the dog, 7-11 Mondo Glup, 4 different shapes of funnel cake, and velveeta saltwater taffy. Bloorp!
    I can commiserate. I wish you felt better. =/

    1. BRAIN… ON… A… STICK!
      And the kid just swang and swang and swang until his arm popped clear outa the socket. Damndest thing I ever saw.
      Thanks 🙂

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