1. CAR: Mysteriously jumping out of gear intermittently going between 2nd and 3rd, or sometimes 3rd and 4th. Today, new behavior consisting of the ever-informative CHECK ENGINE light going on, sometimes accompanied by a nonspecific warning from the VEHICLE STABILITY ASSIST program.
  2. DSL: Intermittently out, then totally out. Diagnostics with nice man from Speakeasy resulted in removing the surge protector from the line: margins went from 13% to 18% and now I’m back to normal… …FOR NOW.
  3. LAPTOP: Power cord now likes to sidle out of its socket, causing power loss, unwanted sleep mode, hilarity.

We’re phrasing out the neologidigm coinagwise

DJ Codswallop: substitute: do a sanity check for me
DJ Codswallop: is “vision space” an existing buzzword
substitute: it’s not familiar to me…
DJ Codswallop: guh.
DJ Codswallop: well.
DJ Codswallop: i just coined it, i guess
DJ Codswallop: this is why you should never let me write proposals while tweaking
substitute: Is vision space like customer space but for internal customers who are knowledge workers?
DJ Codswallop: vision space is more like an enteprise-wide architecture that is service oriented yet goals driven
DJ Codswallop: on a go-forward basis
substitute: this meta-presentation gives an overview at the 100,000 foot level for decision-makers of our ROI-based framework which has been developed as a wireframed model of ur mom
DJ Codswallop: substitute you are my brother in christ
DJ Codswallop: but the next time i see you i will kill you

Fiction Bits

Separate from the brain filter, I’m making a fiction filter.

I’m going to post some fiction stuff. For now it’s just short-shorts and character development/dialogue crap for a long-term project. If you’re interested in seeing that stuff, comment here (screened).

Guaranteed not to contain any chicken jizz

While at Mother’s Market (local health food nut store) today I was browsing around in the My Abdomen Hurts section for charcoal, which I found. I also found all the other stuff that may or may not make one’s abdomen stop hurting: licorice root, ginger, dragon’s foot oil, chelated monkulare niblets, etc. One of these products was listed as being contained in “hexane-free caplets”.

Okay. Hexane is what we usually call “gasoline”. Who the fuck puts gasoline in their medicines? Is this some health food store nutcase fear, or should I be concerned that the Tylenol or the K-Y Jelly or the inferior-brand Daily Vitamins I’m guzzling have Chevron Mid-Grade in them?