new filter: brain

New filter for my writing about my neuropsychiatric adventures. Entry is by poll with one answer. Enter only if you’re interested and you feel you can handle it. If you see this after more than a week or so you should probably contact me directly because I won’t necessarily check it after that.

Note to local friends: Some of you have expressed frustration because I talk about this stuff on the Internet but not in person. I generally feel uncomfortable bringing up my issues in conversation, both because it feels egotistical and because I don’t think it will be acceptable, and there isn’t anyone in my life right now that I can call up on the phone and say “My brain hurts, can we talk”. I’m comfortable with other people bringing their stuff to me, no problem, but I can’t do that easily myself.

I’m doing this because 1) I need to write about this 2) I don’t feel comfortable talking about it in person with hardly anyone 3) I need a relatively safe place to write and 4) I’m attempting to stop freaking out people who don’t need or want to deal with someone else’s crazy.

I will do my best to keep my serious problems out of this space other than on this filter.

Comments disabled, poll results hidden. Contact me privately if there’s some technical or personal problem with this.