F List Trim.

It feels a little dumb even mentioning this, but experience has taught me that it’s worse not to do so.

I trimmed the list. This does not mean that I am not your friend; that you are a bad person; that I have hated you for years; or that I won’t sit with you at lunch. It probably means one or more of:

  1. You are an RSS feed.
  2. You don’t exist any more.
  3. It makes no sense for me to show you my protected entries because I’ve never interacted with you, even one little time.
  4. It makes no sense for me to have you on a list of people to read because you’ve never said anything in this community, even one little time.
  5. I have hated you for years. Just kidding!
  6. You removed me from your own list and it made sense for one of a number of reasons to keep that symmetrical.

If you’re one of these people and it bugs you and you want to yell at me or ask me what the hell, please email. Thanks! Unless you don’t exist or are an RSS feed.