Neal’s Yard Montgomery Cheddar

I am having a CHEESE GASM of a week here, folks. It’s too bad I have to go all the way to a Whole Foods (nearest one in Tustin) to find cheese this good, but the cheese hunter cannot slack; this demands a keen consumerism.

And this stuff is to me as catnip is to cats. (Drooling, involuntary leg muscle movements, meeping noises).

8 thoughts on “Neal’s Yard Montgomery Cheddar

  1. i remember what a sad day it was when i went to the happy whole foods in costa mesa and it was all gone… i just about cried 🙁

  2. Whole Foods
    I don’t know if this is true in your end of the country, but in Boston, Bread & Circus (the local name for the store that Whole Foods eventually bought up) has problems with some seriously predatory business practices directed at the local independent co-op grocery.
    Still, cheese is good. 🙂

    1. Re: Whole Foods
      Interesting. Here, they moved in and tried to go up against Mother’s, our local health food chain, and failed. They actually shut down their local store, partly because the mall it was in was poorly managed and expensive, but they built out a HUGE store and then closed it down.
      The only other places to get good cheese, though, are either even more expensive than Whole Foods (!) or lame. Trader Joe’s is pretty good but they don’t have the variety.

  3. Right, that’s it, I have to make a trek to New West next week and get some Proper Cheese. I cannot rest until that time. Gnaaaarrrr!!!

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