The End of System Administration: “What would you say you do here?”

I have been a full-time Linux system administrator for more than a decade. This week, I lost my job because I am a full-time Linux system administrator. What happened? For those outside my world, this is what a system administrator does: We manage server computer and networks. This means Internet sites, your computer system at […]

Happy Monday! Here’s where the money goes in the U.S.

Here’s a demonstration with graphs of income distribution in the United States. The phrase “income inequity” is pretty dry, but when you see it graphed it’s enraging. Disclaimer: I am neither a statistician nor an expert in graphic visualization. But holy cow, if this is even close to the truth…

The cattle STILL have brucellosis.

Thanks again to Small Peculiar for introducing me to Warren Zevon’s full range. Like everyone else I knew those three songs, and I’d seen him play with R.E.M. way back when. I was reminded of this gem because Iced Borscht brought up Kid Rock. Mr. Rock made the mistake of mashing up “Werewolves of London” […]