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When you see how some important-looking piece of infrastructure is really run...

When you see how some important-looking piece of infrastructure is really run…

The World Record

Freeway Special by The World Record I love this band. Usually if you say “pop” to me I slide slowly under the table and disappear. I saw this band live and loved every song.



Hi there. Today I visited a place improbably named “Flabob Airport” in Riverside, California. The picture below sums up the place, but see also the link below for the full photo set. There is a DC-3 there, and weird art, and you can walk on to the runway if nobody notices. It looks like an […]

The End of System Administration: “What would you say you do here?”

I have been a full-time Linux system administrator for more than a decade. This week, I lost my job because I am a full-time Linux system administrator. What happened? For those outside my world, this is what a system administrator does: We manage server computer and networks. This means Internet sites, your computer system at […]

Picture Without Context For Today

Picture Without Context For Today

If you insist on context, go ahead and visit Inequality By Interior Design

Happy Monday! Here’s where the money goes in the U.S.

Here’s a demonstration with graphs of income distribution in the United States. The phrase “income inequity” is pretty dry, but when you see it graphed it’s enraging. Disclaimer: I am neither a statistician nor an expert in graphic visualization. But holy cow, if this is even close to the truth…