6 responses to “Are too a feminist.”

  1. Tim Chevalier

    The “sex retail” thing is still a bit rapey.

  2. stimpy

    I have been very very guilty of this in the past, out of some wacky combination of circumstances that basically made me get blinders. I think part of it wa having such a small and tight knit arts community – there were women who self-identified very loudly as FEMINISTS who may or may not have been… I just didn’t like *them*. Past behviour not fixable, but fortunately the attitude got changed in time to affect present and future behaviour. I’m still no perfect at it.

    Thanks for the post, it gave me some good thinking some time ago, but I only just got around to commenting on it. =)

  3. Ryan Greene

    Your definition of feminism is overbroad. I believe in equality, but I can guarantee you that not every self-identified ‘feminist’ agrees with your view. If you want to solidify your definition of feminism as the TRUE definition of feminism, then take it up with them.

    Until then, I’ll identify as egalitarian, and continue to be a frenemy to feminists. I’m with you most of the time, just not when you’re relying on the same tribalist us vs. them mentality that got us in this mess in the first place.

  4. meg van h

    “It means someone, male or female, who believes that women should have financial, political, and sexual freedom, and that these freedoms require protection and extension.”

    how on earth is that overbroad, ryan? further: how, if you don’t identify as a feminist, would you be better fit to judge what the correct definition of feminism is over a person who does identify as one? you’re telling members of a group that you’re not a member of what they are and are not, is that right?

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