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  1. FattMan

    What a beautiful tribute to an awesome guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, and we once, with a bunch of other Guides, shared a wonderful dinner when he was downstate NY. That was many years ago and I will remember it always.

    Like with so many people, we lost touch over the years, but when I heard of his passing, I knew a good guy was on to better things.

    Rest in peace, Pete.

  2. YoScott

    Thanks for this write-up. It’s important to remember Pete, and remember this very important lesson.

    One of my fondest memories of Pete was a conversation we had one night in Yorktown, VA in the front yard of a mutual friend.

    I remember personally being kind of frustrated with the situation I was in with the lady in the house we were visiting. For all I know, he was equally frustrated, though he didn’t say so. Our conversation was pretty banal… it was night and we were standing near some tall pine trees looking up at the stars, talking about the weather and how clear it was. I’m pretty sure I was drinking a beer.

    I don’t remember all the details of what was said, but I remember being preoccupied and furiously thinking about what was going on in the house while Pete and I were engaging in small chat. Ultimately he told me that he would soon be having surgery that likely would end up robbing him of his hearing (which it did.)

    Kind of like in this post, I realized my problems with the lady in the house just weren’t as important as I thought they were.

    I miss our occasional chats, and think of him from time to time. I think about how such a bad hand was dealt to such a good guy, and how life sometimes just isn’t fair. But you never would have known that if you just IMed with Pete.

  3. Richard

    I was fortunate to work a few “shifts” with Pete back in the heyday of AOL as a Guide and one of the best experiences developing a friendship. I was unable to stay in touch with Pete as closely as his friend, but to he I can say only one thing..

    INCREDIBLE! This is what friendship is about!

  4. MaggieCat

    Thank you, Pete! And thank you, Conrad, many, many thanks!

    About 10 years ago, I fell about 17′. I’ve had nine substantial surgeries and a few minor ones since. Surprised? I don’t talk about it if I can help it, as if it would make me somehow less of a person.

    Conrad, this post has given me the courage to stop pretending that everything is all right. It’s not, but I’ll keep on going until someone or something bigger and stronger than me makes me stop. So, love me as I really am or don’t, your choice – but Pete’s courage reminded me to love myself as I am.

    Thank you, Pete, and thank you, Conrad.

  5. Kim

    I came across this today – I saw an IAMA on reddit about someone with NF type I and immediately thought of Pete. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, I was very saddened when I heard that he had lost to his disease. He was a great guy, he would give the shirt off his back to anyone. I first met him as a community leader (after the guides were removed) and then I worked for him when he was the manager of the now defunct CareThere site, he sought me out knowing I was in need of a job and was kind enough to give me a chance. I always thought the world of Pete and miss chatting with him, though we had actually fallen out of contact due to some of his family issues. The world is less a great man now and he will always be missed.

  6. Joe Brayman

    Thanks for a nice tribute to my brother. HE deserved it. I was the one right after peter. one of 3 brothers he left.

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