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  1. stimps

    you are exactly right, and every instance of it makes one go TWINGE OUCH MY POOR BLEEDING ANARCHISTIC CONSCIENCE.

    I’m just going to hide over here with my Hives albums for a while.

  2. vanmojo

    Wow… I think you just summed up my whole midlife crisis! Seriously! Thank you (non-ironically). This actually clears up a couple of things…

    mojo sends

  3. handstil

    this caused me to realize I have no idea what indie means anymore. no idea.

    1. handstil

      I mean, it is all the things you say here, but what is an example of indie music TODAY. I don’t know.

      1. deadflowers

        i like destroyer:

        and toro y moi and jim noir.

  4. taskboy3000

    me tooz

    I was not one of the cool kids listening to cool bands, so I might have an outsider’s view of “indie,” which can be summed up in the word “iconoclast.”

    I do not like iconoclasts, which is what every indie band seemed to strive for.

    Iconoclasts are showy and fake and most try too hard (heya, Tori Amos).

    Art is hard, though. Most bands just want a paycheck and maybe I should be so hard on them.

  5. anaisdjuna


  6. springheel_jack

    It’s the basic contradiction between “indie” and “really derivative.”

  7. createdestiny

    Good post.

  8. nightynight

    I FULLY agree and thank you for this great post which reminds me yet again why I love LJ and love my friends list.

    My question is: where is the protest music? Seriously, there’s no protest music anymore! Who is the Rage Against the Machine of the Glee generation?

    I love Wilco and I love Malkmus and the Jicks. Besides that, if it wasn’t released sometime around the Allman Bros in 1974 I’m not interested. Like at all. Maybe the Clash. Even the Clash make me nuts, because at least up here, the Clash is still being played at the university bars. What!?

    1. torgo_x

      Geoff Baker

      A while ago, I hit “RND(9999) GOSUB Surprise Me” on Facebook,
      and it landed me on some protest music! Well,
      guy, Geoff Baker. And
      >here is his EP of his protest music, Patriot
      . Take, pass it around, he says to do that.

      Annoyingly, it’s from 2004, and I say that only because I
      really coulda used it in 2004, and am annoyed that I had not
      found it, although I’m still quite happy to have found it now.
      There should be a fancy German or French word for this
      feeling. (I hereby invent un regret au
      But I’ll have to focus group that one,
      do a test-run.)

      Oh that album– just an EP, but I mean, when it opened with
      a peppy sea shanty about Adnan Khashoggi, my
      brainstem melted. By time the last track started and I heard
      bluegrass, I could SEE THRU TIME.

      (The EP does have one clunker: Baker apparently had
      scribbled down two good verses about Matthew Shepard, but they
      failed to grow out into a decent song, or even pick up Baker’s
      usually very good sense of meter. But klunk, ahwell.)

      His lyric about the US’s monomaniacal perspective on
      international politics, “The world was ours before we were the
      world”, is immaculate, and it is stuck in my head forever. It
      should be printed on US money. It’s already the motto
      of… everything.

      He has a new album out that has some political stuff, and
      I’m just now starting to give it a listen. The albums
      since 2004 have been not political, but are pretty
      zippy. (One has a track that me and a friend heard the lyrics
      to, and both said “NERUDA!”. That was not something I’ve had
      a song make me say before.)

      The fact that the dude is doing all this stuff with good
      audio quality on a budget of pocket change (“a numbered Swiss
      paper cup”) impresses me. It more than makes up for the fact that he’s
      apparently had middling luck with the non-music things: CD
      graphic design, or a working web site, or any decent
      performance photos or video. But boy can he do some seriously
      good mix (…says the geek with the upsettingly expensive headphones.)

  9. chthonicsiren


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