8 responses to “What’s the next article? You decide.”

  1. brianenigma

    What happens with a tie⁈ Is your writing still blocked⁇

  2. anarqueso

    I like it when you write.

  3. hotelsamurai

    Your war with indie rock!

    Can indie legitimately be called post-punk? Does the term “indie” still mean a certain stance with regard to the market (independence from the majors, DIY ethic), or is it just the name of a sound? Allmusic.com lists The Fall, Pixies, Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth, Television, the Velvet Underground, and Wire (among others) as influences on Pavement. Do you agree or disagree? Stephen Malkmus’s “Real Emotional Trash”: worth a damn?

  4. mallorys_camera

    I think you write quite brilliantly though infrequently. You’re one of the few on the LJ flist I actually read as opposed to skim.

    I like the first topic because it’s wide open. If you’re clever you can fold all the subsequent topics into it.

  5. planetdracula

    voted “my war with indie rock” but feel like I should warn you that I am willing to throw down hard over blank generation remodels of “our generation had THE BEATLES” so bring that A-game

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