9 responses to “Machinery’s Handbook and the Model 1911”

  1. hepkitten

    i like browning. mauser is what we named the kitten. i like mausers too.

  2. mallorys_camera


    I think a lot about the transition from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, but I don’t really have the vocabulary to describe it.

  3. Anonymous

    To quote (from memory) Utah Philips:

    “The past didn’t go anywhere. I can go outside, grab a big rock and drop it on your foot. The past didn’t go away.”

  4. springheel_jack

    I’ve been trying to replace my rear brakes all week. Every problem I’ve had comes down to spring tension.

  5. springheel_jack

    That stuff is probably what Bender Bending Rodriguez learned in Bending School.

  6. perich

    This is excellent.

  7. capn_jil

    i spent 2010 amongst welds, springs, bolts, castings, threadings, gears, and bearings professionally. now when i am not drawing pay i am around welds springs etc bringing a dead machine back to life. i have strong emotions about all of this, all of this, and i am scared always of talking about them because they are so full of withering hate for chips and boards and software. it makes me think of the buddhist allegory of a father watching his kids play in a burning house. oh, man.

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