15 responses to “Transdimensional casual apparel for men”

  1. anarqueso

    You look great! I hope you’re having a great day.

  2. mcpino

    Happy Crimmus

    How freakin’ cool izzat?

    Now, if you had someplace cold to wear it…

    P.S. – your beard has come in much fuller than mine. I am now going to go shave out of shame.

  3. stimps

    erlenmeyer toque!! They rock! You look *super* good, iggy. Merry Crimbo! =D

  4. handstil

    Superb colorway! Very much reminds me of charlie brown or something else I’m sentimental about that I can’t put my finger on!

  5. maeve66

    I like your beard! That’s a damn good look, altogether. Merry Christmas.

  6. croneitude

    Well that’s kinda hot!

  7. besskeloid

    My T-girl friend Nicole bestowed this upon me last week:

    Stay furryfaced, Con!

  8. Anonymous

    Nice hat.

    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to read your live journal.
    I have appreciated your intelligence, humor and compassion. Good wishes for the new year.

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