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  1. hydrozoa

    i’m pretty concerned about the close race in washington state between senator patty murray and dimestore jackass dino rossi for this reason. washington has a female dem governor (whom rossi challenged last election, and almost defeated) and two femme dem senators; as such, we get free birth control and abortions, as washington considers an unwanted pregnancy a medical emergency. i like it this way–especially after having a reproductive crisis while living in new york state, where things were much different–and i do not want this shit-piece anywhere near my reproductive health.

    so, yes, obama has done some fucked-up shit with regard to women’s reproductive rights, but like you said in the comments of your previous post, there’s no way that electing republicans is going to help women. ever.

  2. mcfnord

    There’s a lot of ways the party isn’t perfect. It’s vastly superior to the alternative.

  3. springheel_jack

    The reason the right hates that exec order is that arguably it means shit.

  4. taskboy3000

    Barack Dangerfield

    I am coming to the conclusion that the country cannot be governed from the reasonable center.

    Obama is, without question, the most reasonable and effective president I’ve seen in my 38 years.

    Given the utter catastrophe he inherited from eight years of malicious neglect, he has exceed my expectations by:

    * pulling out of Iraq
    * passing health care reform
    * passing financial reform
    * at least trying to close Gitmo (stalled by congress)
    * remove legal barriers to stem cell research
    * expanded the Pell grant program
    * passing a stimulus package that successfully
    averted an apocalyptic money fire
    * signed a new START treaty with Russia
    * held BP accountable for raping the Gulf
    * improving our relations with our traditional
    foreign allies.

    He did this IN TWO YEARS. TWO.

    And he did this with a congress comprising a mule-stubborn and slightly insane minority party who could not be negotiated with, despite heroic efforts on his part to do so.

    Heck, he is even doing pretty well on keeping his campaign promises.

    Did Obama go far enough in his agenda to satisfy me? No. Has he attempted to build a coalition with a radical opposition in ways that I find distasteful? Yes. Has he watered down his vision to achieve larger goals? Of course he has. That’s what functioning democracies do.

    However until US voters wisely elect me Despot for Life, I will have to temper my expectations of elected officials.

    I am weary of the complaints on the Left that Obama has betrayed them. Things for LGBTs and women are so much better than they were 8 years ago and under a continued Obama administrations, the chances for improvement are significantly better than under GOP rule.

    If one cannot see now that the GOP is simply the party of rich old white men (of which I am), then frankly one is desperate need of an optometrist.

    If Obama cannot remain popular with Lefties, no one can. Jack Kennedy has left the building and his like will not be seen again.

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