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  1. springheel_jack

    I do not envy having to vote for Jerry Brown. What a tough thing.

  2. hepkitten

    can i repost this? also remember about all the important ballot issues, and important small scale stuff like district supervisors and school board. that stuff may feel trivial, but is actually more vital to communities in the active day to day sense than overall governing in sac. PLUS BALLOT MEASURES VOTE YES ON 19!!!!! :D :D :D

  3. eris_devotee

    The last time I did that, against reason and instinct, I re-elected Rod Blagojevich.

    This is a horse-sized shit-smelling vomit-inducing pill to swallow.

    Yet I will do it. Mostly for the reasons you outlined. But I can already feel my stomach turning.

    1. coffeechica

      God I know. Fellow IL resident swallowing same. (I’ve come to terms with it by realizing we’ll get a crooked governor whichever we choose, simply cause we live here. :-p)

      1. eris_devotee

        My mom is a nursing home inspector for the Illinois, a lifelong democrat and one of the most fervent supporters of reproductive rights on the planet. She’s voting for Brady because Quinn is a jacktard. My mom is going to have to take 24 unpaid furlough days next year because of the way the dems controlled the money. And Illinois is under federal oversight when it comes to long-term care facilities and they are still cutting that budget.

        It’s such a mess.

        1. coffeechica

          Oh geez, my sympathies. That really, really sucks.

          (I’m coming from the education side of things: my husband’s a public school teacher. Quinn basically called the teacher unions a bunch of whiny entitlement brats, and Brady wants to turn my husband’s state pension into non-matching 401Ks. So we’re screwed no matter what! Sigh.)

        2. berg74

          I don’t get furlough days just days off. This month I think I have four five day weekends, without pay. It could be four six days weekends but I’m lazy.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with most of this, but where I live, I see no reason to vote for secure Democratic incumbents when I can use that vote to help a third party whose ideals I actually support become stronger.

    (In our one competitive statewide race here, the Progressive and Green parties aren’t running anyone, so take that as you will.)

  5. Anonymous


    its just not so.

    all you’re doing is rewarding bad behavior.

    1. Anonymous

      Re: respectfully

      not trolling here.. just haven’t commented on your lovely blog in a long time. i dig what you’re doing. now i’ll go hide back in my RSS reader hole :-)

  6. perich

    The Democrats have backed down so much in the last 20 years that they’re currently Eisenhower Republicans.

    I love this and may quote it extensively.

    However, cynic that I am (see my post tomorrow), I will concede that the Democrats have been largely better than the Republicans on women’s reproductive rights.

  7. planetdracula

    OK, totally not trying to get caustic here, but you happen to have landed on an area about which I am really passionate.

    If you are a woman, or have women in your family, or if you just like women, please vote for the Democratic party candidate. The Republican Party has almost uniformly opposed women’s reproductive rights.

    So has the Democratic party.


    This president’s utter & total betrayal of the brave women & men who worked on the frontlines of the struggle to gain abortion rights is revolting, and is part of a party-wide strategy. One can argue that between the two parties who’re willing to sell out women’s rights for votes, the Democrats will sell out fewer. But the Democratic party does not get to tout itself as the pro-choice party. It isn’t. It sells out choice at the first sign of opportunity.

    1. berg74

      He’s just hoping to get a second term, by appealing to the conservative portion of the population. Poor guy has just been screwed from the start.

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