10 responses to “12 hours to liftoff, leak discovered in #8 internet pump”

  1. hawthorntree

    I am filled with a red rage of stabbitystabbitystabbity on your behalf.

  2. besskeloid

    Dammit, dammit, son of a bidge.

  3. anaisdjuna

    Gosh that blows sizable chunks!!! Sorry to hear about that. Hope you figure it out!

  4. microbie


  5. sooz

    holy fuck… and walmart of all places :(

  6. stimps

    Man, worst bank luck evar!! =( Good for a medium-happy ending at least!!

  7. tuliphead

    Credit/Debit card frauders: reason #892730493 to hate people. :P

    Bank headaches aside, safe travels and have a fantastic trip!

  8. leolo

    Access to money.

    Credit card. And then pay it all right on arrival.

    Or you could kick it old school : travelers’ checkes.

  9. planetdracula

    you’re going to Japan! it’s going to be awesome!

  10. mcfnord


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