21 responses to “They’ve come to take my music.”

  1. frobisher

    In related news, I heard Lost In The Supermarket at a Starbucks the other day. Take that as you will.

  2. maeve66

    Why are you doing this for free, is what I want to know? Sell out a little and get some cash for these brilliant ads.

  3. kafkateer


    on the one hand, OBVIOUSLY you could start a lucrative career killing my soul on TV

    on the other hand is vomit. it’s making it hard to type

    1. salome_st_john

      Re: D:

      If I vomit on your non-vomit hand will that hand? No, probably not.

      also HI

      1. kafkateer

        Re: D:

        it still kills me that i live like, an 90 whole minutes from you *yet we have never met*

        1. salome_st_john

          Re: D:


          Seriously, let’s remedy this? Like soon? With food?

          1. kafkateer

            Re: D:

            this sounds really good! i am down there at least once a month. i know you are busy with your mom, etc. what does the 16th look like for you? we’re also down for halloween, if that would be better.

          2. salome_st_john

            Re: D:

            Hi Conrad we have taken over your page SORRY

            The 16th might work. Let’s EMAIL. Do you have my email? I think you emailed me right when my mom got sick and I was all THANK YOU but I forgot to write back because my head was exploding.

  4. dr_strych9

    The day I see a commercial for erectile dysfunction medications using ‘Angst In My Pants’ by Sparks, I’m going to come find you and make you pay.

    1. salome_st_john

      I just hope it segues into ‘Eaten By The Monster Of Love.’

  5. miss_geek

    When I first saw the commercial with Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life as a cruise ship ad I stopped paying attention.

    Yours are just as good/horrific.

  6. snuh

    All Things Must Pass: Older office worker rubs pain-filled eyes while looking at employee rest room as concerned boss watches. Asks employee if he’ll have the Milligan account proposal ready in the morning, then plops a box of Ex-Lax down on desk saying “forget those rest room comebacks, time to use ex-lax – here’s to sitting down on the job!”

    background music rises and lyrics now heard…

    So I must be on my way and face another day
    Now when the constipation comes at prime-time
    I use Ex-Lax and take it away
    With evacuations arriving at the right time
    It’s not always going to be this gray
    All things must pass, all things must pass away

  7. Anonymous

    hi this is mike/switchstatement.

    anyway i think i keep hearing this in a commercial when my roommates are watching tv, but it might be a different version.

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