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  1. purejuice

    oh, give it to ’em! and, so right about joyce.

  2. rpkrajewski

    I solved this problem by not reading books anymore.

  3. gordonzola

    Dale Peck is awesome!

  4. besskeloid

    Nobody is right about anything.

  5. Anonymous

    “Vote” “For” “McCain”

  6. smallstages


  7. dr_strych9

    Yup. Postmodernism was so much better when it was a hand-crafted by master artisans and sold for top dollar in luxury boutiques. Sure, applying industrial economies of scale may have brought the price of “literary fiction” down so that ordinary people can afford to enjoy postmodernism too, but it’s leeched whatever joie de vivre could have been found in it in the first place.

    The other major genre forms aren’t any better. Trust me.

  8. capn_jil

    you know what my favorite thing about peopel who hate “postmodernism” or “hysterical realism” or whatever is, is they are usually the people who read the shit out of it. but at least all the hate makes me feel better for failing to understand thomas pynchon.

  9. kafkateer

    oh man now i feel so dumb about liking underworld

    i think probably because i didn’t ever go to college and never took literary criticism, i feel like i should listen to people who seem to know what they are talking about. but i’ve spent ten minutes pondering whether delillo’s books are stupid? and i think that yeah, the last one, “falling man” i think it was called–i think that one was pretty dumb. but i am just not seeing why ratner’s star or white noise or americana are stupid.

    still though now i feel like maybe i just don’t know how stupid he really is. ugh, *smart people*, they make me feel so stupid

  10. stimps

    I agree with so much of this. That being said, I don’t actually give a shit about what anyone thinks about what I read or don’t read. Losing the ability to read anything other than graphic novels for over half a year really changed my perspective. I guess I have the same attitude that generally covers my taste in music and film as well – there’s so much great stuff out there, I’m not going to stress out about what I should or shouldn’t indulge in if you know where to look, and if you know your tastes. I also don’t stress out about what people think of my choices because seriously, not being able to read more than a paragraph at a time sucks way more than having people think you’re a doughhead for reading anything in particular.

  11. torgo_x

    The Future Is Now

    Everyone should watch for my forthcoming
    DYSTOPIAN?? novel, where the
    post-anti-hero is Polemarch
    Sokal von Godwin, from the planet Rhizomonomikon.
    (Working title: By Love Possessed.)


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