10 responses to “The beer is okay, I guess.”

  1. springheel_jack

    Are those things one is supposed to want? Like, I want a beer, a pole dancer, and a boy?

  2. caladri

    Why is the bro wearing clown shoes?

  3. etb

    Our wife, our girlfriend,

    becoming a captain of industry
    becoming a captain of industry

  4. dmlaenker

    No! No it fucking isn’t.

  5. besskeloid

    Lyfe stinks.

  6. eyeteeth

    Anyone with about twenty bucks can have that “lyfe.” I don’t see where the website comes in.

    1. dr_strych9

      It’s obviously a cut-out for a mob operation.

  7. nightynight

    I want a pole dancer I can’t touch. Forever. Yeah that sounds great.

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